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Willmar Velocity Name 


The Willmar Parks and Recreation Department and the Willmar Softball Association are excited to announce a new name for their softball program, Willmar Velocity. The decision to change the name was made in collaboration with the new head coach and a desire to create excitement among young girls in the community.

"We wanted to create a dynamic softball program for the community," said Rob Baumgarn, Parks and Recreation Director. "The new name Willmar Velocity reflects our vision of providing young girls with opportunities to play at different levels and to develop their skills."

The new name has been received positively by the community and the players.

"I am excited about the new name, and I think it will help to unite us as a team," said Andrew Kveene, Director of the Willmar Softball Association, a parent and supporter of the softball program. "We want our players to have a sense of pride and identity, and Willmar Velocity does just that."

The Willmar Velocity name represents the energy and determination that the players bring to the field. It also reflects the association's commitment to building a strong foundation for long-term success.

"I believe that a robust youth program is essential for the future of the varsity program," said Christian Brown, Willmar Varsity Softball Coach. "With the support of the community, we can develop a competitive softball program that will help our players to grow and succeed."

The upcoming season, beginning in May and running through June and July, promises to be an exciting time for the Willmar Velocity team and the community. The Willmar Parks and Recreation Department is proud to provide opportunities for young girls to play recreational and competitive softball and to develop their skills. Best of luck to the Willmar Velocity team for a successful season!