The Willmar Softball Association (WSA) is a non-profit, tax-exempt civic organization solely dedicated to providing girls in the Willmar community with supervised recreational and competitive fastpitch softball programs. Led by devoted community volunteers, WSA aims to foster a supportive environment for young athletes to develop their skills and enjoy the sport.


Coaching Clinic

We're organizing a coaching clinic tailored for coaches and individuals interested in coaching. It's common for parents to feel uncertain about coaching due to questions about their knowledge and team management skills. While many possess the necessary abilities, they may require assistance to kickstart their coaching journey. I strongly recommend anyone with even a mild interest to join the clinic. Sean Hall will lead the hitting and fielding session, and Callie Danielson will oversee the pitching segment.


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Age Requirement Change

There have been changes in the age requirements for the upcoming season. For this season, your daughter's age will be considered as of August 30, 2023. Generally, students in grades 4 and 5 are eligible for 10u, grades 6 and 7 for 12u, and grades 8 and 9 for 14u. To confirm your daughter's eligibility, please visit:

One challenge arises for 7th graders due to the difference in pitching rubber distances between school ball (43') and 12u (40').  Generally, we would like all 7th graders to play 14u but if you feel your daughter could use more time to refine her skills at a younger level, then keep her at 12u.

Open Gyms

Open gyms will run from February 18 - March 10.  These sessions are optional.  The beginner athletes' time slot will be 1pm-3pm and the advanced athletes' time slot will be 3pm-5pm.  We are light on helpers so if you have time, please let me know.


Evaluations help us form teams for the upcoming season.  Evaluations are required for 10u and 12u athletes. They occur on March 16 at 3pm-5pm for 10u and at 5:30pm-7:30pm for 12u at the West Gym.  Please make every effort to be there. 

Summer League Teams

This year, all teams (tournament and league-only teams) will be participating in the Crow River League.  Typically, 10u games will be scheduled for Mondays and Wednesdays, while 12u games will be scheduled for Mondays and Thursdays. A noteworthy addition to the league is the introduction of tiers. Our tournament teams are slated for Tier 1, and our league teams will participate in Tier 2. Practice will be scheduled at the end of April, with games taking place in June and July. Mark your calendars for the league-end tournament on either July 28 or July 29. Please note that we'll be overseeing concessions this year, and each family is required to fulfill a couple of shifts. There's also a chance that we might host the league tournament. Stay tuned for more updates!

Summer Tournament Teams

Apart from the regular league games, the tournament team is set to participate in a minimum of four additional tournaments. These tournaments are carefully chosen to provide each team with an opportunity to display their skills. If your daughter is chosen for the tournament team, it is important to accept the invitation and complete the required tournament team registration.

10u Required Sign-Ups

12u Required Sign-Ups

14u Required Sign-Up

Strongly Encouraged

Our Mission

The mission of the Willmar Softball Association is to provide a safe and competitive environment for young girls to learn and enjoy the game of fast-pitch softball.  We are committed to providing our players with an experience that promotes self-confidence, self-esteem, team spirit and individual growth through personal achievement and team play.  We are dedicated to teaching softball fundamentals and life skills through good sportsmanship, leadership, positive coaching and communication.

Question about rules?  Refer to the Official Rule Book»