2024 Season

We will start practicing in April and into May.  When games start, we'll reduce the number of practices per week. Our teams two evenings a week starting in late May and ending in July. We will be participating in the Crow River League playing games in Willmar and generally central Minnesota. Our tournament teams will participate in multiple tournaments including the State Tournament.

Question about rules?  Refer to the 2024 Official Rule Book»


Evaluations for our upcoming sports season will be held on March 16, 2024. We urge all parents and guardians to make every effort to ensure their daughters are present at these assessments.

Attending evaluations is essential for your daughter to have a fair chance at being placed on a team that matches her skills and abilities. The assessments allow the board to make informed decisions, ensuring that each athlete is placed in an environment where they can thrive and make the most of their athletic potential.

By attending evaluations, your daughter will also have the opportunity to showcase her dedication, commitment, and passion for the sport. We value these qualities and take them into consideration when forming teams.

We also understand that life can get busy, but we strongly encourage parents and guardians to prioritize their daughter's attendance at the evaluations. Missing this crucial assessment may limit her chances of being placed on a team that best suits her abilities and goals.

Remember, evaluations are the gateway to an exciting journey in sports. Don't miss out on this opportunity for your daughter to shine and be a part of our amazing teams.

2024 Summer Softball Evaluations.pdf

Age Levels (2024)


Player gear required:

Player gear encouraged: